Angela DePace

Postdoctoral Fellow
As of April 2008, Assistant Professor Dept of Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School

Angela DePaceGene expression in metazoans is controlled by the interaction among cis-regulatory elements (sometimes called enhancers), silencers, insulators, chromatin structure and core promoters. The vast majority of gene specific spatial and temporal information is contained in cis-regulatory elements, which are collections of binding sites for sequence specific DNA-binding transcription factors.My current work is focused on two parallel questions. First, how do collections of transcription factor binding sites integrate information to produce gene expression patterns? And second, how do cis-regulatory elements and their associated expression patterns evolve?

I focus on the early development of multiple Drosophila species, and integrate a wide variety of experimental and computational approaches. The early development of Drosophila melanogaster is directed by an extremely well characterized transcriptional network, giving a large number of known transcription factors and regulatory elements to work with.Twelve Drosophila species have recently been sequenced, and more genomic resources are on the way. The relatively simple geometry of the early embryo has allowed us to develop quantitative imaging techniques that yield gene expression information for every cell in the entire embryo over time. Together, these resources give us the opportunity to bring a quantitative system-wide approach to evolutionary developmental biology.


Eisen Lab Publications:

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