Richard Lusk

Graduate Student

Rich Lusk

I’m a third-year graduate student in Mike Eisen’s lab. I’m currently working on a molecular evolution model of transcription factor binding site evolution that attempts to use substitution data to infer the factor’s required affinity for its binding site. I’ve also started thinking about the uses of distantly related genomes in binding site discovery.

Given that I’m fairly lazy on the web site front, I’m patterning my web site on Venky’s web site. In time, it may mature to become more like Lenny’s, and with superhuman effort, a little luck, and a little pluck (and just a pinch of the ol’ TLC), it might resemble Dan’s.

Pics mostly from my bike trips (Arcata->Portland, Seattle->Berkeley) with a few others thrown in.
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Eisen Lab Publications:

Lusk RW, Eisen MB. (2010) Evolutionary mirages: selection on binding site composition creates the illusion of conserved grammars in Drosophila enhancers. PLoS Genet. 2010 Jan 22;6(1):e1000829

Lusk RW, Eisen MB. (2008) Use of an evolutionary model to provide evidence for a wide heterogeneity of required affinities between transcription factors and their binding sites in yeast. Pac Symp Biocomput. 2008;:489-500