Michael B. Eisen, Ph.D. Scientist, Professor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Department of Integrative Biology, University of California at Berkeley.


Xiao-yong Li. Research Specialist.
Elizabeth Roeske. Research Associate
Holli Weld.Lab Manager.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Steven Kuntz. Postdoctoral Fellow. Observing the impact of temperature on different species of developing Drosophila to reveal how gene expression mitigates climate variation’s impact on growth
Michael Stadler. Postdoctoral Fellow.

Graduate Students

Carolyn Elya. Graduate Student. Working to understand how Drosophila melanogaster’s resident gut microbes influence fly behaviour via chemical communication with enteric gut neurons
Mike Bronski. Graduate Student.The Molecular Basis of Behavioral Changes Caused by Entomopathogenic Fungi
Alli Quan. Graduate Student.
Augusto Berrocal Quezada. Graduate Student.
Heather Bruce. Joint Graduate Student. The Hox gene interactome and the genetic basis of appendage diversity in the crustacean Parhyale hawaiensis
Shannon Hateley. Joint Graduate Student.

Undergraduate Students

Khalid Al-Rayess
Ruiyu Wu. Undergraduate Student.


Kelly Schiabor. Graduate Student.

Sofia Medina-Ruiz. Graduate Student

Karen Wong. Graduate Student.

Peter Combs. Graduate Student.

Wendy Ingram. Graduate Student.

Aaron Hardin. Graduate Student.The impact of naturally occurring non-coding sequence variations

Jackie Villalta. Research Associate.

Tommy Kaplan. Postdoctoral Fellow. (Now Assistant Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

Susan Lott. Postdoctoral Fellow. (Now Assistant Professor at UC Davis)

Matthew MacManes. Postdoctoral Fellow. Using functional genomics to understand adaptation to aridification in desert-adapted rodents of the genus Peromyscus.

Mathilde Paris. Postdoctorial Fellow.

Matthew Davis. Graduate Student. Modeling gene expression in the Drosophila embryo.

Daniel Richter. Graduate Student. The evolution of sex in animals.

Rachel Bigley. Undergraduate Student. I measure food preference and other behavioural and/or hereditary responses in Drosophila melanogaster.

Alejandro LaRiviere. Undergraduate Student.

Tenny Zhang. Undergraduate Student.

Heather Christensen. Administrative Assistant.

Lisa Simirenko. Programmer. Databases and user interfaces for genome analysis.

Colin Brown. Graduate Student.  Evolution of Transcription Factor DNA-binding domains.

Richard Price. Graduate Student.

Devin Scannell. Postdoctoral Fellow. Using comparative genomics to study the evolution of gene regulatory networks in flies.

Richard Lusk. Graduate Student. Molecular evolution models of single and multiple binding sites. (Now Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Garmay Leung. Graduate Student. Comparative motif finding and evolution of non-coding sequences in drosophila.

Robert Bradley. Postdoctoral Fellow. Using ideas from machine learning to analyze biological sequence data.

Ben Berman. Graduate Student. cis-Regulation in Drosophila. (Now Postdoctoral Fellow at USC).

Derek Chiang. Graduate Student. Computational analysis of yeast transcriptional regulation. (Now Postdoctoral Fellow at Broad Institute).

Stuart Davidson. Programmer. Now at 23 and Me.

Angela DePace. Postdoctoral Fellow. Building a high resolution 3D atlas of gene expression in Drosophila. (Now Assistant Professor at Harvard University School of Medicine).

Justin I. Fay, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow. Population Genetics and Evolution of Gene Expression. (Now Assistant Professor of Genetics, Washington University of St. Louis).Hunter Fraser. Graduate Student. Molecular and genomic evolution. (Now Postdoctoral Fellow at Broad Institute).

Aaron Garnett. Graduate Student. Cis-regulation in somitogenesis in fish.

Audrey P. Gasch, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow. Probabilistic clustering, Yeast stress response. (Now Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin.)

Genny Gould. Undergraduate Student. Evolution of non-coding sequences in fungi. (Now a graduate student at MIT)

Emily Hare. Graduate Student. Evolution of cis-regulation in acalyptrate flies.

Aaron Hechmer. Programmer. TiMAT, tools for analyzing tiling arrays.

Venky Iyer. Graduate Student. Comparative genomics and modeling of cis-regulatory regions in Drosophila.

Maria Lin. Undergraduate Student. The genetics of frog/chytrid interactions.

Heather McCullough. Undergraduate. (Now graduate student at Stanford).

Alan Moses. Graduate Student. Modeling sequence-expression relationships. (Now Assistant Professor at University of Toronto).

Stewart MacArthur. Postdoctoral Fellow. Experimental and computational analysis of cis-regulation in Drosophila.

Nicole Maddox. Undergraduate Student. The genetics of frog/chytrid interactions.

Steven Maere. Postdoctoral Fellow. Methods to analyze functional genomics data and integrate them in network models that reflect the regulatory wiring and modularity of biological systems.

David Nix. Computational Scientist. Tools and databases for analyzing the fly genome.

Hanchuan Peng. Postdoctoral Fellow. Image Data Mining for 3D Embryogenesis Gene Expression Patterns and Computational Construction of Gene Networks.(Now a scientist with Janelia Farm research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute.)

Brant Peterson. Graduate Student. Evolution of enhancer organization in Diptera.

Dan Pollard. Graduate Student. Evolutionary and Population Genetics of Drosophila cis-Regulatory Sequences. (Now postdoctoral fellow at NYU.)

Steven Storage. Undergraduate Student. Evolution of cis-regulation in Diptera.

Erica Bree Rosenblum. Postdoctoral Fellow.Functional genomics of host-pathogen interactions associated with amphibian declines.

Anna Simonya. Undergraduate Student.

Lenny Teytelman. Graduate Student. Yeast mating silencer evolution.

Annie Tsong. Postdoctoral Fellow. Fitness landscapes in evolution of transcriptional regulation.

Eric Weiss, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow. Mother-daughter separatation in yeast. (Now Assistant Professor at Northwestern University).

Ryan Shultzaberger. Graduate Student. Evolution of transcription factor binding domains.

Linda Zhang. Undergraduate Student. Fungi/Insect interactions.

Connie Chen. Undergraduate Student.

Linda Nix. Undergraduate Student.